HBS - the industry leader in pad and stud welding.

HBS combines innovation with proven and reliable products to meet a wide range of application needs for industry, be it for small portable equipment to fully automated needs on medium sized production lines (pad and stud welding).

HBS Efficient Technology

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 "HBS EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY" - With this newly introduced label HBS gives innovative and future-oriented products a new name making it easier to identify products with additional advantages for the customer.


Innovative and future-oriented technology, integrated in the compact and very mobile inverter power unit series „IT“ from HBS.

Reduces energy consumption and weight.
Increases welding quality and welding rate.

HBS inverter technology means:
welding quality
Maximum welding rates
Minimum energy consumption
Minimum weight
Maximum efficiency



Best welding quality through extremely high stability of the arc, even at weak welding currents or large fluctuations of the mains voltage.

Welding rates

Highest welding rates - increased by 100% compared to standard conventional transformer technology.

Energy consumption

Minimized energy consumption - energy needed is reduced by 50% compared to standard power units with transformer technology.


Minimized weight - inverter technology reduces the weight by 50% compared to power units with transformer technology.

Degree of efficiency

Maximum degree of efficiency - innovative inverter technology offers best input / output ratio.