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HBS combines innovation with proven and reliable products to meet a wide range of application needs for industry, be it for small portable equipment to fully automated needs on medium sized production lines (pad and stud welding).

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With different stud welding processes, i.e. Capacitor Discharge, Drawn Arc, Short Cycle and pad welding process MARC – we cover all important application ranges in metal working:

vehicle construction • automotive supplier industries • steel construction • engineering construction • shipbuilding industry • electrical industry • apparatus and shell engineering • cabinet construction • large kitchens • laboratory and medical technology • food industry • household appliances • communications engineering • facade construction • metal fittings • ventilation engineering • insulation construction • structural and civil engineering • refractory insulations for power plants • combustion plants • and vessel construction


MARC - Pad and nut welding with magnetic rotating arc

To equip metal sheets, tubes and profiles with threads meant a difficult drilling and thread milling or costly welding using classic procedures with stationary machines. MARC revolutionizes that standard welding methods, especially with thin metal sheets.

Welding of pads and nuts on punched and unpunched metal sheets, on even and curved surfaces up to gas-tight requirements. Applications are e.g. sprinkler systems, ventilation tubes, hinges, pressure vessels, exhaust systems.

CD - Capacitor discharge stud welding

Typical applications include: Sheet metalwork, electronic industries, switchboard cabinets, laboratory and medical equipment, food industry, household appliances, etc.

When studs are welded to thin sheets (steel, aluminum and brass), the procedure of stud welding with tip ignition will always be the most cost effective process and sometimes the only possible solution.

ARC - Drawn arc stud welding with ceramic ferrule or shielding gas

ARC Drawn arc stud welding with ceramic ferrule, shielding gas or without.

Specifically designed for thicker sheets of about 2 mm or higher.

Application ranges: steel construction, engineering construction, shipbuilding industry, vehicle construction, structural and civil engineering.

SC - Short cycle drawn arc stud welding

Multiple applications with: studs, tapped pads and pins onto thin metal sheets.

A wide field of application is in vehicle construction, in particular using christmas tree studs to fasten conduits and trims.

ISO - Fastening systems for insulation

HVAC - Fasteners for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning

If you want to fasten insulation mats in a fast and cost efficient way, you should use ISO-PLUS cupped head pins. With this procedure, you fasten the insulation mat to the base material in one process step. This perfect fastening procedure replaces the very complicated traditional procedure: weld on a pin, push the mat over the pin, put on the clip and then cut the projecting tip or bend it.

FRI - Fire-Resistant Insulation

HBS in use! For example: Thermal power stations with incineration plants, industrial furnaces, chemical and petrochemical industries. Optimum fastening of fire resistant insulation with special pins and clips. For outstanding protection of steel structures against high temperature (up to 1250°C) and corrosion.

Special applications

With over 35 years of experience in the field of stud and pad welding HBS can provide reliable solutions to challenging customer projects.