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HBS combines innovation with proven and reliable products to meet a wide range of application needs for industry, be it for small portable equipment to fully automated needs on medium sized production lines (pad and stud welding).

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Stud welding - Saves time. Saves money. Unchallenged.


No reworking!



In many areas stud welding is the most economic fastening method for components. If using thin plates, stud welding is often the only technical solution.
With following information we want to show you the advantages of our technology.



Tremendous time and cost savings  

No:    drilling    -    punching    -    threading    -    gluing    -    riveting    -    screwing



New design potentials

  • Very low distortion by extremely short welding time.
  • No leaking caused by drilled holes.
  • High strength.
  • One-sided accessibility of the component is sufficient.
  • Weldable even onto very thin plates.
  • Joining of different materials is possible.

Unsurpassed economy

  • Can be automated to a very high degree.
  • Very short welding time (1 msec to 1.5 sec), fast weld rates.
  • Fast and easy handling leads to high productivity.
  • No marks on backside of coated or high alloyed plates.
  • Low prices for standard studs.