HBS - Capacitor discharge stud welding with tip ignition

HBS capacitor discharge power units provide outstanding reductions in costs and time. Every weld is precise avoiding any need for costly machining. The recipe for success: Extremely short welding time! (1 to 3 msec). No additional welding products are needed.

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Capacitor discharge stud welding

Stud welding units

Pegasar 500 accu Pegasar 500 accu Insulation CDi 1502 CDi 2302 CDi 3102 CDMi 2402 CDMi 3202 ACCU-TWIN

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C 06-3 CA 08 C 08


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C 06-3

E-DBL_C_06-3__92-20-275__Stand_2015-12-02_01.pdf DOWNLOAD - TECHNICAL DATA SHEET
C 06-3
Welding range M3 to M6, dia. 2 to 6 mm,
depending on used stud welding unit
Stud length 6 to 40 mm;
longer studs (> 40 mm) can be welded with optional accessories
Stud material Depending on used stud welding unit
Stud type Any type or shape (special chucks if required)
Welding cable 3 m
IP-Code IP 20
Workplace noise level >90 dB (A) may occur during welding
Dimension LxWxH 170 x 40 x 140 mm
(without cable)
Weight 0.5 kg (without cable)
Order No. 92-20-275 (C 06-3)

92-40-050 (Accessories up to 6 mm - chucks M3 to M6, socket wrench)
92-10-0500 (Pegasar 500 accu - stud welding unit)