HBS - Capacitor discharge stud welding with tip ignition

HBS capacitor discharge power units provide outstanding reductions in costs and time. Every weld is precise avoiding any need for costly machining. The recipe for success: Extremely short welding time! (1 to 3 msec). No additional welding products are needed.

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Capacitor discharge stud welding

Stud welding units

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Accu-Twin_E-new_140221_BP2013_01.pdf,HBS_ACCU-TWIN_Battery-powered_stud_welding_machine_120816.pdf DOWNLOAD - TECHNICAL DATA SHEET
Accu-Twin_E-new_140221_BP2013_01.pdf,HBS_ACCU-TWIN_Battery-powered_stud_welding_machine_120816.pdf DOWNLOAD - FLYER ACCU-TWIN
Welding range 2 x M3
Welding material Mild steel, stainless steel
Welding rate 2 twin welds per minute
Capacitance 80,000 µF
Energy 325 Ws (92-10-2280A)
375 Ws (92-10-2285B)
Charging voltage Max. 90 V (92-10-2280A)
Max. 97 V (92-10-2285B)
Power source Capacitor
Charging time condensator approx. 30 sec
Battery 12 V, 5 Ah (discharge-proof)
Battery charging time 200 twin M3 welds
Battery charging time Max. 10 hours
Battery life Min. 200 charging cycles; (no warranty on batteries)
Stud spacing Stepless adjustable from 25 mm up to 61 mm (from 19 mm upon request)
Welding gun cable length approx. 1.1 m (92-10-2280A)
approx. 2.1 m (92-10-2285B)
Dimension LxWxH 360 x 135 x 210 mm
Dimension gun LxWxH 165 x 25 x 95 mm
Weight 7 kg (incl. welding gun)
Weight gun 550 g
Order No. 92-10-2280A (1.1 m)
92-10-2285B (2.1 m)


Battery-powered stud welding machine with a double welding gun


  • For securing heat consumption meters to panel radiators


  • Maximum mobility through: 
    Special carry strap, weighs less - now 15 % lighter than previously 


  • Maximum comfort through:
    External gun compartment
    Convenient cable wrap system
    Intelligent energy display
    Counter for completed welds


  • Maximum reliability through:
    Stable aluminum housing with rubber edge protection
    Lower on/off switch


  • Maximum power through:
    20 % more energy than comparable tools


  • Minimized energy consumption through:
    Energy-saving mode
    - Automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes
    - Automatic shut-off of the tool after 60 minutes